Meet Angela: A co-founder of Mala, has been studying and teaching yoga since 1998. She came to the practice as a dancer interested in the physical asanas, but quickly realized there was more to this “yoga thing” than stretching. Angela’s teaching intention is to equip students with enough information so they can translate the yoga practice to their physical, energetic, and emotional bodies at any given moment.

Click here to read more from Angela, or practice with one of her podcasts.

Stephanie CreaturoMeet Steph: In 2007, Steph co-founded Mala Yoga, a community-based studio in Brooklyn, NY, with the idea that yoga can be a lifelong, life-enriching practice, both on the mat and off. She wanted Mala to be a place that felt inviting instead of intimidating, a safe space where students would want to bring their moms or boyfriends to give yoga a try.

Click here to read more from Steph, or practice with one of her podcasts.

Meet Christina: Christina co-founded Mala Yoga in 2007.  She wanted to build a place where students could not only build strong asana practices, but learn to take their hard work and translate it to their busy lives.

Christina teaches compassionate, insightful classes that focus not only on building physical strength, but also self-acceptance.

Click here to read more from Christina, or practice with one of her podcasts.

Sandra BarkMeet SandraSandra Bark is a writer who lives in Brooklyn.  She collaborates on book projects with industry experts, is the founder of the street art blog The Scenic Sidewalk, and practices regularly at Mala.

PRACTICE MAKES PRACTICE offers a student’s perspective of the yoga experience, on the mat and off.

Meet AnnieMeet Annie: Annie Carlin is finishing her RYT-200 and has been a student of yoga for almost 10 years, many of which have been spent in the Mala community.  Though New York will always be home, Annie lives in DC and is a regulatory policy analyst working in public health.

She teaches yoga both one on one and in groups, focusing on acceptance and a supportive practice, and loves to talk about yoga to just about anyone who will listen!

Meet Janna:  Janna Leyde is the author of He Never Liked Cake, a coming of age memoir that tells the story of growing up with her father’s traumatic brain injury. OSCILLATIONS: A YOGIC EXPLORATION OF THE BRAIN offers her perspective on the practice through the lens of the complex human brain. When she’s not on her mat or at the front of the room teaching, she is working on her second book about yoga for brain injury.

You can buy her first novel, He Never Liked Cakehere.

Meet Lisa
:  Lisa Stowe is a yogi, economist and mom who is as graceful with her arm balances as she is analyzing financial markets and juggling two young children.

THE BALANCE SHEET will offer her perspective on integrating and benefiting from a consistent yoga practice amidst the hectic reality of family, work, and home.


Blakeney SchickMeet BlakeneyBlakeney Schick is a public radio producer who follows events and elections. She started going to yoga 8 years ago in the hopes that it would help her stand up straighter. It has. But she’s stayed on the mat because yoga’s also made her stronger in every possible way. Blakeney found her way to Mala in late 2007, and finished Mala’s 200-hour teacher training in 2012.

She is also a regular contributor to the Mala Yoga blog.

DaniellaMeet Daniella:  Daniella Rosales-Friedman is a yogi, writer, dating know-it-all, and yenta extraordinaire. She’s thrilled to be the creator of Yoga for the Single Girl workshops, located at Mala Yoga and throughout New York City.

Daniella is also The Brooklyn Dating Guru. She offers stories, tips, and anecdotes on dating, relationships and love from Daniella’s unique yogic perspective. Read more from Daniella on her blog. Or send her a love letter.


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