We’re Adding an Ashtanga Class to Mala!

by Christina Hatgis

Ashtanga Yoga at Mala

Have you ever wondered what Ashtanga yoga is about? Have you heard it’s like “power yoga”? Or just really fast, really hard yoga? Maybe you are intrigued but also intimidated?

I’m teaching a new Wednesday morning class to introduce the Mala community to the Ashtanga practice. It will certainly get you to rise and shine, but it’s a bit different than Steph’s Rise and Shine class on Monday mornings.

What you’ll get every Wednesday at 6:45am will be based on the primary series of ashtanga yoga, but we’ll keep the pace manageable, the props handy, and skip some of the more daunting poses until we are ready to do them. The class is the same series of poses, in the same order, every time (and you’ve seen most of the poses in class somewhere I’m sure). The postures do move from one to the next – the idea is that the flow of movement helps to quiet the mind. A steady pace and even rhythm make this practice particularly meditative.

You’ll learn how to apply uujjayii breath to your asana, how to use your gaze to keep you focused, and how engage the bandhas to help you find freedom and ease in your movements. The postures unfold one into the other, and as the physical body adapts to each pose, the next pose becomes easier.

Be prepared to get warm quickly, stay present on your mat, and get strong and grounded.

I’m so excited to be offering a regular class at Mala, sharing with you the practice that keeps me on my mat and has inspired me the last 15 years.

And please send me an email with any questions about it!


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