Semi-Private Practice: Back to Basics

Back to Basics

with christina hatgis
fridays, march 7, 14, 21
space limited to 4
sign up!

I’ve worked really hard to advance my practice. Why do I need to go Back to Basics?

If you’ve been practicing a few months now, or even a few years, have you noticed that there are certain poses (and types of pose) that come up in almost every class? Poses like tadasana or down dog or plank? And the more we do them, the more habitual they become?

If you’ve been practicing for a while you might notice (or not notice) things have shifted.  When you first started practicing, you may have had tight hamstrings, so you always bent your knees in down dog. Maybe, with time and practice, your hamstrings have opened up, and you don’t really need to do that anymore. If fact, maybe now you should be working towards straightening your legs in order to strengthen your hamstrings.

What poses will we be doing?

Back to Basics is the perfect place to re-visit the ubiquitous poses in our asana practice and refine them, align them, and understand how the actions in these poses provide us with the blueprint of our asana practice.

We’ll look at tadasana, from the feet to the head; downward facing dog, twists, simple backbends, forward bends, and hip openers.

Why should I do this in a series?

The semi-private classes are a completely different way to experience your practice. There are never more than four students in the class, ensuring everyone gets personalized instruction and lots of hands-on assists. Plus, each week you’ll have a few “prescriptions” to work on at home to reinforce what you are learning in class.

Feel free to e-mail Christina with specific questions at

Hope to see you on March 7th!

– Christina


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5 Responses to Semi-Private Practice: Back to Basics

  1. It’s great to re- visit, and go back to basics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wish we could have been in Brooklyn, to take your Sun Salutations workshop.
    How is the workshop going?

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