Five Poses to Rebalance the Neck and Shoulders

by Angela Clark

We all know what sitting at a computer can do to our posture, not to mention picking up small children, lack of sleep and the stresses that go with living in this world can wreak havoc on our neck, shoulders and upper back (aka, the 9-5 muscles).

Here are five moves you can do to help straighten up your posture, ease neck, shoulder and upper back pain, and help battle those tension headaches. Also, to learn more tips and tricks for rebalancing the upper body, check out Angela and Diana Zotos’ workshop specifically geared towards eliminating discomfort and injury in this area of the body. Sign up here!

1. Puppy Pose with Blocks under elbows

Puppy Pose

2. Hero’s Pose with a Strap

Adjust the belt so it’s slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Keep the chest lifted with the arms slightly bent, and the belt around the wrists

Hero's Pose with Belt

3. Easy Release for the Neck 

Sit in Hero’s Pose, if that’s accessible to you. You want to be in a symmetrical seated pose, so you can always sit in a chair with both feet on the floor, if Hero’s pose is too much stress or strain.

Neck Release

4. Pec Stretch

Make sure the elbow is slightly higher than the shoulder – not below!

Pec Stretch

5. Massage with Tennis Ball

Start by lying down on your back. Knees are bent, and feet are flat on the floor, and hips distance apart. This might be sensational, so remember to breathe and release.

Neck Massage with Tennis Ball 


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  2. Nice post, great pics and instructions.

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