Strength Training and Yoga – Amp Up Your Practice!

by Lisa Stowe 

Amp Up Your Practice

Do a quick google search of “why is strength training good for you” and you’ll get pages and pages of results – it helps prevent injury, builds stronger bones, and increases metabolism. But how can we squeeze strength training into our already busy schedules of work, family, friends, and a yoga practice?

1. Throw in some extra chaturangas and planks: The next time you practice a sun salute, hold the plank for a couple more breaths, or throw in some chaturanga push ups.

2. Give your hamstrings some attention: Warrior 3, belly backbends, and reverse tabletop are great ways to build strength in the hamstrings and balance the hamstring opening of forward bends and downward facing dog.

3. Take a cue from the barre and pulse: Moving in sync with your breath, add some movement into your utkatasana, bridge, or navasana.

Want more tips and ideas?  Join Lisa for a two hour exploration of strength training in your yoga practice on January 11th at 4 PM.  In this energizing and challenging practice, you’ll integrate resistance training – using your own body weight as resistance – into a traditional asana practice.

All levels welcome, at least 6 months of yoga practice required.  $35, space limited to 15.


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