Three Snacks To Take on Your Travels

by Anna Norman

Healthy Plane Snacks with Anna Norman

Greetings from JFK! I’m flying to California to spend the holiday with my family, and there’s nothing like travel to knock everything a little off balance. I’ve relied on airport food in the past (namely a big bag of Sour Patch Kids), and while that’s fun in the moment, I land feeling lousy and irritable. Instead of relying on what’s for sale in the terminal, I stuffed my bag with snacks to keep me full and on-track during the 6-hour flight ahead of me. Here are my three picks for the flight (and if you’re like me and save packing until the very last minute, worry not – everything here was store-bought on my way to the airport!).

Chia Pod: These fun little snacks are pretty new to me, but I think it’s a great idea (and I love the packaging). You could also make this easily at home and bring it in a Tupperware. This flavor is dairy-free and is made with just three ingredients: chia seeds, coconut milk, and bananas. One Chia Pod has the recommended daily intake of Omega 3, plus 3 grams of protein—that definitely beats the Sour Patch Kids. It does need refrigeration; so make sure to eat it early on in your travels. You’ll find these in health food stores in the yogurt aisle.

Avocado & Rice Cakes: Steph turned me on to this one—who knew that avocados are actually a great on-the-go snack! I grabbed a plastic knife and fork from the food court so I can cut and spread the avocado once I’m on the plane. I really like these Corn, Quinoa & Sesame Thin Cakes – they’re like rice cakes, but with a bit more nutritional value (and taste).

Apple & Nut Butter Pack: My blood sugar can be a little wonky, so I’ve learned that I need to add some fat and protein when I eat sugar and carbs to avoid an energy crash. That’s why I picked up this single serving pack of raw almond butter from Artisana. I’ll be squeezing this onto my green apple (or to be honest, straight into my mouth).

What are your favorite travel-friendly snacks? Let me know in the comments! I need some ideas for the return trip…


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2 Responses to Three Snacks To Take on Your Travels

  1. Nancy says:

    some of our favorites are Trader Joe’s individually packaged 1oz servings of almond or cashews. Portioned and ready to go.

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