The Poses that Scare You with Angela Clark and Christina Hatgis

by Angela Clark and Christina Hatgis

Angela Clark - The Poses that Scare YouThis super fun, exhilarating workshop is back! Halloween is just around the corner and there is plenty of scary fun to be had. Join Angela and Christina as they guide you through your biggest yogic fears. This workshop is a great time to challenge yourself and face your fears head on. Who knows? You might even surprise yourself a little!

We asked Angela and Christina to tell us a little more about what to expect on Saturday. Sign up here!

Why would I tell you the poses that scare me the most? Then you’ll make me do them, and why would I want that?

Angela Clark: Using this great quote I found from the Dalai Lama, “Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.” To practice yoga is not easy. It requires us to be intimate with ourselves for an extended period of time and to be honest when we are choosing not to be and instead getting involved with our story. You know, the story of, “I can’t do that pose,” (or an even more creative storyline you’ve got going in that great mind of yours). The poses are challenging and perhaps scary for a reason. They get us to focus on what is in front of us this very moment. Not the story we tell ourselves of what’s to come next.

Christina Hatgis: One of the ways that yoga changes things for us is by asking us to define and confront our boundaries. So playing with a pose that scares you is a way of meeting an edge in your asana practice and perhaps redefining that edge after exploring it in a safe, curious, and fun space.

And it’s a reminder that leaning in to a fear can be liberating. Especially when we realize that what scares us isn’t so scary after all!

Am I going to fall and break my head?

AC: No. Stop asking me that.

CH: You won’t break your head, but maybe you”ll learn to fall out of a handstand in the middle of the room 🙂

Christina Hatgis - The Poses that Scare YouYou guys are yoga teachers. How could you possibly understand how scary this is?

AC: I am a student first and a teacher second. I can completely understand the fear factor of certain poses. I have them myself.

CH: We are students first and continue to explore our boundaries and edges in our practice all the time. I’m still scared of falling out of forearm stand, and every time I head into kappotasana ( a pretty deep back bend I’m working on) I’m scared I’m going to break my back!

What kinds of poses will we be doing?

AC: That is entirely up to you guys. What poses scare you?

CH: Hmm. Well, when everyone gets back to us with their lists, maybe we’ll share.

Can we have candy afterwards?

AC: Perhaps…

CH: Yes. If my kids don’t eat it all 😉

See you on Saturday!


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