If I Were Married to the G Train

by Steph Creaturo

If I were married to the G train, we’d need serious relationship therapy. Not because of what the G train is – sorta maybe unreliable – but because of me. See, I have never accepted what the G train is – sorta maybe unreliable.  And as such, I almost always totally and completely late.

It happened again today. I was headed to Williamsburg, and I thought, “ok, I have to be there by 12:30, and then pick up my kid at 3.” I had 20 minutes to get myself showered, dressed, and make food. I did all of my tasks, but poorly. I ran out and, as often happens, just missed the train. Now, if you, like me, rely on the G line, you learn the rhythms of the train. It has its own vibe.  It comes roughly 3 times in an hour; that can indeed be worked with and around. And, it is my responsibility to be on time. I know both of these things.

Instead I regularly throw tantrums when I miss the train. I huff. I roll my eyes. I run really fast down the stairs and scare small children.

And then I blame the poor G train, which provides a convenient excuse for my bad behavior – certainly easier than stopping to notice said behavior, hit pause, and start over.

I love living in a big city for lots of reasons, but the longer I stay on my mat, the more I realize the city continues to provide me with constant opportunities to wake up and practice. It’s up to me as a practitioner to practice all the time and not just when it is convenient. But especially when I am inconvenienced, angry,  annoyed – or whatever my fill in the blank is today.  The teachers are all around us, and it’s up to me to shift my perspective with good studentship, as I accept and integrate the teachings.  And, lucky for me, the G train has been a formidable guru when it comes to realigning my time integrity problem.



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