5 Things You Can Do Post Partum

by Angela Clark

*Before we begin! You should consult with your doctor or midwife before engaging in any physical activities and always listen to your body.

I did not do anything “strenuous” my first week and a half home with my baby. Instead I sat on the couch and stared at this being that I was now responsible for taking care of, and was happy to do so. That being said, I did go for short walks around the block, which felt like a lot of work. I had no idea how weak I would feel after labor so, I took it slow.

By the middle of week two, I was feeling a wee bit stronger and itching to move. I began the smallest of routines to help counter some of the effects that having a newborn and lots of sitting can have on the body.

So, here are five things you can do post partum (that are not too strenuous), when you’re ready to get going, but you still can’t do much:

1. Kegels – No photo of this one, but you know what to do! These will help tone the pelvic floor.

2. Down Dog on the Back of Your Couch


Callie totally understands.

The baby goes on one side, and you go on the other!

Down Dog Back of Couch

Down Dog on the Back of Your Couch

This will stretch your entire backside and help to elongate the spine from being hunched over and curled up for days on end.

While you’re at it, throw in a forearm dog as well! This will open the shoulders and side waist. Feel free to bend your knees if you’re hamstrings are cranky, and don’t forget to engage your core by drawing your lower belly ever so gently towards your spine (away from the floor) to prevent sinking in the low back.  This may be just an intention!


3. Pectoralis Major Stretch at the Wall

AC_pecstretch (1)AC_pecstretch2 (2)

This will counter all the holding you are no doubt doing.

(And, back to the couch she goes!)


4. Cat/Cow with Fingertips Pointing Backwards

AC-catpose AC_cowpose

Your wrists and forearms need the stretch and your spine needs the movement. Plus you can start to wake up your core in the table top position

5. Mountain Pose at the Wall 

You may find yourself in this position a lot!


So…try Tadasana at the wall to counter all the forward-bending your body is/has been doing for the past two weeks (and will continue to do!)


Make sure the back of the skull and shoulder blades are pressing against the wall. Hold this for 5 minutes, at the least, and more if you can!

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