Mala’s First Juice Cleanse: Why Do You Like Juice Cleanses, Christina?

by Steph Creaturo and Christina Hatgis

Mala's First Juice CleanseDid you know Christina is an avid juicer and adores doing juice cleanses? She’s been doing it for years. (She bought her first juicer in 1995!)  In preparation for our first juice cleanse around the Fall Equinox, I asked Christina a few questions about juicing and juice cleanses.

When is the best time of year to do a juice cleanse?

Spring into Summer and Summer into Fall.


It is still warm out! Doing a juice cleanse in the cold isn’t easy and is really hard on the body when it is cold out the body needs warming foods. It is good to detox in harmony with nature’s transitions and to honor those transitions.

Do you ever feel hungry during a cleanse?

The juices in a cleanse are prepared with careful thought so that they provide you with minerals and fats your body needs. The juices include ingredients such as sea salt, nuts, and natural sweeteners. Your electrolytes stay in balance, resulting in fewer cravings for things like sugar or salt. Cleanses help to break these cycles and create new patterns in the body.

And if you chew your juices, you can also curb your hunger! Chewing juices is an important part of doing a cleanse.

Personally, do I get hungry when I cleanse?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no – just like when I’m not on a cleanse.

Christina will lead Mala’s first three-day juice cleanse on the Fall Equinox! Our kick-off meeting and juice pick-up is on Thursday, September 19th. The cleanse lasts from Friday, September 20 – Sunday, September 22.  During this time you’ll have all the support you need from Christina to successfully clear your body and mind!  You’ll also get instructions and support to prep yourself going into the cleanse so it is a success.

To register, sign up through MBO link and for questions, email Christina.  You must register by September 16th!


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