Strengthen, Lengthen, and Release: Yoga for Low Back Pain

Yoga for Low Back Pain with Lisa Stowewith lisa stowe
saturday, june 29
limited to 12
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Is your low back permanently cranky? Do you avoid backbends because they hurt? Are you recovering from a back injury? Join Lisa for a workshop designed to help you use yoga asana to relieve low back pain.

In this workshop, we will strengthen, lengthen, and release muscles that contribute to low back pain. We’ll start with a discussion and review of the main culprits in back pain, focusing on the hip flexors and all 4 layers of the abdominal muscles.

You will emerge from the 2-hour workshop with practical tips, tricks, and tools to use in your own practice to both release tension and prevent future injury. The workshop is suitable for all levels, as well as those with and without acute low back pain.


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One Response to Strengthen, Lengthen, and Release: Yoga for Low Back Pain

  1. Back pain says:

    This sounds interesting. Yoga is anytime preferred solution to stay away from back pain.

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