Prenatal Yoga: Your Third Trimester

Ooooh, she’s getting close. If you’ve been around the studio recently, you may have noticed Angela Clark is definitely in her third trimester of pregnancy. With her growing (and adorable!) belly, you can imagine her practice has changed quite a bit.

Enter Christina Hatgis! Well-versed in prenatal yoga, Christina devised a lovely, appropriate, and very modified practice for Angela to do. And, bonus, this video is not just for the pregnant ladies. Christina also provides a wealth of information, as well as some great assists partners can give. This video is all about fun for the whole family.

(And, of course, please check with your doctor first to make sure this is an appropriate practice for you.)

Click here to watch:
Prenatal Yoga: Your Third Trimester


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2 Responses to Prenatal Yoga: Your Third Trimester

  1. Linda Childs says:

    A wonderful instructional video – should be included in every childbirth preparation class! And you are so beautiful at 9months pregnant, Angela… Happy Birthing!

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