Five Poses to Do When I’m Losing My Mind

by Steph Creaturo


Beck just told me his favorite word is “poopy”. He’s also recently discovered “booger”. “I can do it” is his response to everything.  Today was no different. Except he said “I can do it, poopy.” When I asked him to please not use that word, he said “okay, booger.”  He also cried hysterically for no discernible reason for an hour after school.  As I write this, he’s butt-naked, standing on one of our Ikea-issue barstools, covered in ketchup and eating fries while dancing to Curious George. There’s food in the oven and on two of the burners. My mom is calling. The rain meant no playground time.  I over-sherpa-ed everything on all of my errands today. And I was up at 2 am, trying to decide whether I should read about nail polish or do pranayama to lull me back to sleep. (I chose nail polish.)

I’m one cranky poopy booger mommy right now.

Did I mention it is raining?

So, yeah. That kinda day. It’s been hard to find the yoga in things today.

In the interest of being honest, here’s what I do when I am fraying just enough around the edges of my mind on a rainy Wednesday at 4:30pm, also known as the start of the witching hour for those of us with wee ones. (Even before I had a kid, I never loved the 4:30pm hour, also known the hour of power, the power provided by a chocolate covered Rice Krispies treat.) Five minutes, five poses. Or, five things that make the hours until bedtime a bit more do-able, maybe even fun.  (That’s not guaranteed….but sometimes it happens. Like seeing a unicorn.)

Seated Forward Bend - Steph Creaturo

Seated Forward Bend

1. Seated forward bend on the edge of a chair: I love putting my head on the edge of a table to help me take it down a notch.

Seated Ankle-to-Knee - Steph CreaturoAnkle-to-Knee with a Forward Bend - Steph Creaturo

2. Ankle to knee in a chair: Bow forward again. The best way to calm the brain is to get the head down below the heart.  I need to live here today.  And why not do some hip opening at the same time?

Seated Spinal Twist - Steph Creaturo

Seated Spinal Twist

3. Seated spinal twist on a chair. As I’ve said before, perhaps my fave pose these days – maybe ever? This Iyengar book gives glorious pictures and instructions on how to do these poses on a chair or a wall. I like the chair when I’m clearly in the red zone.

Down Dog on a Counter - Steph Creaturo

Down Dog at the end of a table

4. Down dog on the end of the table. Like wall dog in class, this is perfect to stretch everything out, including my perspective.

5. I was going to do one more, but this little man smiled at me and said “let’s read.” And how could I resist? So, my last pose is heading into the moment without holding onto the impatience and annoyance of the last one.  That counts, right?

If the yoga is supposed to happen in the “now”, sometimes my “now” looks like this. Perhaps a bit less precocious and more pedestrian than a class, but hey – I’m firmly in the camp of do-whatcha-can-with-whatcha-got instead of doing nothing at all. Practice and all is coming – including sunshine and bedtime – sooner than I think.


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2 Responses to Five Poses to Do When I’m Losing My Mind

  1. Susanna Eckblad says:

    Hi Steph, My new baby boy Rudy is 2 months old today and today I attempted to drive to your Basics class but got derailed. My husband was going to watch Rudy while I took class–sounded like a great plan, right?–but leaving home late due to forgetting baby items + 45 minutes of baby screaming on BQE, soaking himself in sweat + trouble finding parking = missing yoga class. I think maybe a field trip to Mala is not meant to be until the baby is a little older? Anyhow, I just did this sequence and felt it was VERY appropriate and also very calming. (Also loved 5 Poses to do everyday.) I am soooo grateful for this blog.

  2. Steph says:

    Hi Susanna! Congrats on the birth of your son! All those Sunday at 10 am practices pre-baby were wonderful training ground for your new practice, which included things like thwarted trips to Mala 🙂 – I’m so impressed with your efforts! I am glad you are enjoying the blog and I’m so grateful for you & your practice! Steph

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