The Primary Series of Ashtanga

Primary Series with Christina Hatgiswith christina hatgis
saturday, april 6
space is limited to 15 students
sign up here!

What is Ashtanga? The late Sri K. Patthabi Jois developed the Ashtanga system of yoga. He worked closely with his teacher, Krishnamacharya, to develop the six series of yoga poses based on their studies of the ancient yoga text, the Yoga Korunta. The “primary series” has greatly influenced contemporary American vinyasa yoga.

Students will learn:

– An overview of the postures in the primary series and discuss the vinyasa aspect of the practice.
– How ujjayi breath, the bandhas (energetic locks), and the drishti (gazing points) support the asanas to create a powerful and healing practice.

Christina HatgisChristina, co-director of Mala Yoga, has practiced Asthanga Vinyasa yoga for over 10 years. She has greatly benefited from the daily practice of Ashtanga yoga and is excited to introduce the Ashtanga practice in its classical form through this experiential workshop. Christina studies with New York City’s leading Ashtanga teacher Eddie Stern.


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One Response to The Primary Series of Ashtanga

  1. Patti Greenberg says:

    What a great Primary Ashtanga Series workshop, Christina! I entered with curiosity, trepidation and resignation, as in, it has to end at 6pm. I can live through this.
    It was challenging and enlightening but so much fun as well. We laughed, fell down, and sweated profusely!
    After, I ate like a farm hand and slept like a baby. Next morning I was sore all over in a good way, that makes me want to stretch, move and do more yoga. Perfect! Do it again!

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