At Home Restorative Poses with Christina: Supported Fish

It’s always a great moment at the end of class when the teacher announces it’s time for Supported Fish. A restorative pose that’s excellent for opening up the back, creating space in the lungs, and reversing a lot of that unfortunate schlumpasana we do all day long.

Supported Fish is so easy to do in class. All the right props are right there, making it easy to set up just so. How can you re-create the magic at home? Christina will show you! She’ll actually show you how to set up a couple of ways. If you happen to have blocks and other yoga props at home, she’ll show you how to set up properly, using those.

Supported Fish: Setting up with Blocks

However, if you don’t have any “official” yoga props at home, fear not. The second video is for you. You might not have blocks, but you probably have blankets. Or towels. And books. We’ll get you there. We promise.

Supported Fish: Setting up with Blankets

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