Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out

Spring Cleaning with Katrine Spring is just around the corner! (Well, a corner…a few blocks away…somewhere up ahead). Time to emerge from the hibernation of winter and prepare the body for the comings of spring (one day, soon. We promise.)

Katrine is a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, perfect for guiding you through the process of cleansing the body and the mind through yoga and nutrition. Read more about the ideas and inspiration behind her two-part series here:

Why Cleanse?

Do you want more energy, glowing skin, better quality sleep, a clear mind, and maybe lose a few pound along the way? Then a cleanse is for you. It’s an opportunity to start fresh and clear out the clutter – out with the old and in with the new.

Spring is the perfect season to cleanse. After months of heavy winter foods and too much time indoors it’s time to lighten the load. No matter how “clean” you’re eating or how well you look after yourself, exposure to toxins is impossible to avoid. It’s in the food, air, water and stuff were surrounded by.

How do you know it’s time for a cleanse? The symptoms of toxicity range from fatigue and brain fog to autoimmune disease. Cleansing rids you of some of the stored toxins and relieves symptoms, not by temporarily alleviating them, but by removing the root cause!

A strong and healthy body is the best defense. By supporting the body’s natural detoxing capabilities through food and movement, we can safely eliminate toxins that have built up in our tissue, leaving us feeling sharper, leaner, and full of energy.

What is this Cleanse?

For two weeks you’ll add in detox-boosting fruits and vegetables and crowd out the foods weighing you down, like dairy, soy and gluten. We’ll talk about easy ways to add in more nutrients – and yes, it involves drinking those delicious, green drinks!  You’ll be provided a bunch of healthy recipes so you can easily make these healthy meals yourself, at home.

We will also practice yoga together and incorporate detox boosting postures and symptom relieving techniques, so that when you experience cravings or a light headache from not drinking coffee, you’ll have your toolbox packed with tricks to help you get through.

  • Yoga poses that support detoxification
  • Recipes with detox friendly foods
  • Green drink recipes and tips

How can your yoga practice help support your body and mind as you cleanse?

Doing a cleanse is an opportunity to clean out some clutter and toxic thoughts we carry with us. A mindfulness or meditation practice can help us calm down that negative chatter and let go.

There will also be an asana-based portion of class where we will focus on poses that aid in detoxification, like twists and heart openers. Class will finish with some restorative yoga poses that help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is what help us rest, restore energy, and allows the body’s organs space and time to do their job. You’ll return home rested and packed with helpful tools to get through your cleanse with ease.


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