Sadhana Practice with Jen Whitney

Sadhana Practice with Jen Whitneysaturday, january 26
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Join Jen Whitney for a workshop based on a traditional way of studying yoga. We will move through a 1-hour Deep Flow Vinyasa class, followed by about 25 minutes of meditation, ending with a 45 minute discussion.

We’ll discuss one yoga sutra in depth, using current neuroplasticity science, TED talks, poetry, Buddhism and other influences to understand the sutra, its relevance in our life, and how to make it not just good philosophy, but something we incorporate into how we act in the world and sit with ourselves.

1 Hour Deep Flow Asana Class (Tapas):
The one hour asana class will be designed to:

  • create ease in the body for sitting
  • create focus and stillness in the mind for concentration
  • cultivate strength and flexibility in the body

There will be no dharma talk as we focus on simple direct intentions to link the asana.

25 Minute Meditation (Isvara Pranidhanani)
Using simple timeless techniques, we will cultivate concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana).

45 Minute Dharma (Svadhyaya)
The dharma discussion will focus on one yoga sutra, yogic concept, or term. The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, poetry, koans, TED Talks, Buddhist insights, modern scientific theory, and more may be incorporated to further deepen or expand our discussion. There will be a strong emphasis on discussion, with questions and answers being encouraged throughout. Although the main focus will be presented by Jen, it is not intended as a lecture.


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