Yin Yang with Ashley Turner

Ashley Turnersaturday, december 29
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We’re excited to welcome Ashley Turner back to Mala for a ritual practice to honor the crossroads of 2012 and 2013 inspired by the Heart Sutra or “Hridaya Sutra”.

Indulge in a juicy vinyasa flow to clear out congested energy and depletion. Then, slip into a rich, restorative yin practice (accompanied by soul-stirring soundscapes) to slow down and absorb the love and replenishment all around you. Pump up the endorphins, bask in the holiday spirit, quiet the mind, and allow yourself to receive. End with a specific New Year meditation/visualization.

Ashley Turner, MA, MFT is considered an innovator in the yoga industry Ð combining yoga, modern psychology, neuroscience and kick-ass spirituality. A yoga instructor, mind-body psychotherapy intern, author and Ordained Priestess, her best-selling DVD’s include: Power Yoga, Yoga for Weightloss, Yoga Bootcamp and Yoga for Stress Relief + Flexibility. Known for her charisma, candor, and accessibility, Ashley elegantly weaves profound philosophy and practical life-changing tips into a vigorous vinyasa flow. She writes for Positively Positive and The Daily Love and has been featured on Martha Stewart Radio, Shape, Prevention, Self, Natural Health, Yoga Journal and Fitness.


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2 Responses to Yin Yang with Ashley Turner

  1. Carol says:

    Oh, how is wish Mala Yoga was close to me. I live in Elkins Park, PA and follow your blog. I really enjoy each post and gain some new insight after each read. Who knows, maybe, one day I’ll have a chance to be in Brooklyn. Till then.

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