What I am Grateful for this Holiday Season

by Steph Creaturo

I’m grateful for my family and friends, my work, and my health.  But this Thanksgiving, I’m trying to count the blessings I usually don’t acknowledge.  You know, the ones that aren’t clearly labeled as blessings. Such as:

The G train that is late more often than not, allowing me to practice patience on a daily basis. And learning to take the bus, which teaches me to carry less out and about in the world – such a good metaphor for keeping my shit in check.

My son’s temper tantrums, teaching me the importance of pausing before speaking.

The questions and conversations from students that stump and inspire me, pushing  me to be curious and learn more.

The random person that encourages me to drop my defenses and go beyond the realm of awkward to honest after they blurt out, “I don’t like yoga.”

My cranky IT band, illuminating the importance of going beyond whining that’s perpetuated by staying stuck in the pain cycle and to act.

The health puzzle that continues to cause adult acne, as those white bumps have taught me self-compassion in a way nothing else ever has.

The gluten that makes my body feel awful, since it’s led me to a cornucopia of real food and brought me the joy of learning to cook.

What’s your barriers to blessings list this holiday season? I’d love to know in the comments!


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