The Heart of Yoga


by Daniella Rosales-Friedman

The Heart of Yoga - 11/21Thanksgiving is almost here! And in the spirit of the holiday, I want to thank the people who bring love and laughter to my life on a consistent basis: My GIRLFRIENDS.

It’s no secret that I’m no longer a Single Girl. But I was a Single Girl in New York for a long time. New York gets a lot of shit for being a terrible place to meet men. They say it’s too harsh, too intense, too driven, too darned impersonal. They say it’s hard to find love in this city.

But while men can be unpredictable, flakey, or just absent, my Girlfriends are always stable, comforting, and downright loving.

To my Girlfriends, I want to say…

Thank you for teaching me how to give and receive big, warm hugs.

The Heart of Yoga - 11/21Thank you for staying up till 2:00am chatting on the phone, because I think I have a really good idea I need to flush out.

Thank you for sharing your first date excitement with me.

Thank you for trusting me with your naughtiest gossips. We both know that gossip is evil, so we don’t do it—except for that one time. It’s OK when it’s just between us girls…

Thank you for accepting my shortcomings, and never asking me to cook, drive, or organize my receipts.

Thank you for attending my very first yoga classes, when all I could do was stutter and give you a really nice head massage in savasana.

The Heart of Yoga - 11/21Thank you for letting me try on your neon pink lipstick. I’d never commit to the whole tube, but I loved it for the night.

Thank you for looking me dead in eyes and telling me exactly what to do. You’re not subtle, and I need that sometimes.

Thank you for staying sincerely interested in my dating life, even after you’ve gotten hitched and had two babies.

Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be in a mature, respectful, loving relationship. I know I can love, because I love you. 

Thank you for being a Girlfriend!

Daniella Rosales-Friedman is a yogi, writer, dating know-it-all, and yenta extraordinaire. She’s thrilled to be the creator of Yoga for the Single Girl workshops, located at Mala Yoga and throughout New York City.

Daniella is also The Brooklyn Dating Guru. She offers stories, tips, and anecdotes on dating, relationships and love from Daniella’s unique yogic perspective. Read more from Daniella on her blog. Or send her a love letter.


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