The Heart of Yoga

by Daniella Rosales-Friedman

The Heart of Yoga 1The Heart of Yoga 2The Heart of Yoga 3

We’ve been meeting like this for years, now.

Outside, it’s still dark. A lone car honks, a dog’s paws pad on the sidewalk while his bleary-eyed owner trails behind.

Inside, you roll out your mat. You sit down, bring your palms to touch, and surrender one last moment to the early morning groggies. We start to move. You step forward with precision. You lower your body to the mat with only a hint of wobbly vulnerability. You fall out of tree, and come right back again. Some mornings you even meditate.

And then yoga class ends.

You check your phone, and see a text from that boy you’ve been dating. 

You really like this one. During the 90 minutes on your mat, you do your darndest to figure him out, and simultaneously put him out of your mind. The relationship is going great, if only you could feel a little more grounded, a little more confident, and a little more like yourself when you’re around him.

Now your breathing is shallow, and your face feels warm. You gather your clothes and mat without thinking, and run out of the studio feeling anything but relaxed.

I know, and I know you know that boys won’t stop texting. And your relationships won’t get any less complicated, or stressful, or confusing.

But take comfort, you’re doing everything right. We’re meeting together like this, on your mat, practicing yoga, and strengthening the most important relationship you’ll ever have—the one with your own sweet heart.

In this column, I’ll talk about the practical, real life challenges of dating and romantic relationships through my own particular vantage point—as yoga teacher, yoga student, and honored creator and leader of Yoga for the Single Girl workshops.

As long as you have relationships in your life and a beating heart in your chest, I think you’ll be able to relate.

I look forward to meeting like this again!

Daniella Rosales-Friedman is a yogi, writer, dating know-it-all, and yenta extraordinaire. She’s thrilled to be the creator of Yoga for the Single Girl workshops, located at Mala Yoga and throughout New York City.

Daniella is also The Brooklyn Dating Guru. She offers stories, tips, and anecdotes on dating, relationships and love from Daniella’s unique yogic perspective. Read more from Daniella on her blog. Or send her a love letter.


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