What to Expect When Expecting

What to Expect When Expecting - Jessica Klaitmanwith jessica klaitman
saturday, october 20th
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I stood at the bottom of the stairway, gazing up at the eyebrow threading salon on the top floor. My brows were far, far out of control. And, as I looked down at my baby dozing in the stroller, the salon seemed far, far away. With a sigh, I turned and walked away. There was no way to get where I wanted to be.

Many Brooklyn parents have been in this situation: prevented from getting where we want to be or struggling mightily because of bulky strollers, narrow doorways, subway stairs, and brownstone steps. Strollers have their place (try exercising with your baby at Stroller Strides or Move It Momma) but baby carriers are a great solution to some of the challenges presented by our New York City lifestyles.

Wondering how to figure out which carrier – if any – is right for you?

Here are 3 things I’ve learned about baby-carrying, 3 kids later:

1. A baby will be comfortable in almost any carrier. You need to make sure that YOU will be comfortable in the carrier that you choose.

2. While carrying a baby, there are certain postures that your body will want to adopt that should be avoided to prevent discomfort and injury.

3. Baby-carrying has many benefits, both practical and pleasurable. It’s such a lovely way to explore the world with your baby, cuddling all the way!

In our October 20th workshop, you’ll get to try several types of baby carriers and learn some key postural and stretching tips to make using them comfortable for you and for baby. You’ll also meet other expecting and new parents. I hope to see you there!

Jessica KlaitmanJessica Klaitman is a mom of three, yoga teacher, and licensed clinical social worker. She can be found teaching yoga at Mala, facilitating support groups for moms via http://www.mommybites.com or walking around the neighborhood with her 6 month old baby in a carrier.


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