Yoga for the Single Girl brings you: Date Night

Yoga for the Single Girl - Date Night

Yoga. For the Single Girl. What’s that all about?

Maybe you saw the flyers around Mala. Maybe you heard a post-class shout out from Steph, and you’re curious. But you were too shy to ask. Or thought, “No, that’s not me.”

What’s a Single Girl, anyway?

If you’re dating, you’re a Single Girl. If you’re NOT dating, you’re a Single Girl. If you’re dating the person who will become your life partner, you’re probably not a Single Girl.

What’s Yoga for the Single Girl?

Yoga for the Single Girl is a welcoming, safe space to find yourself, your friends, and a new perspective on relationships, dating, and love.

So, what really happened?

We walked through the doors of Mala Yoga as individual Single Girls, navigating life, work, and relationships without an Operations Manual or an even infographic to help orient us. But once inside, we talked. We heard each other. We saw each other. We moved. And we made new friends. We came together as a group. And we were reminded that we’re not alone.

YSG 9-22 Group Pic

Sounds great! Date Night?

Close your eyes. And imagine your perfect date.

  •  Easy conversation? Check.
  • Great venue with just the right ambiance? Check.
  • Deep connections, with lots of laugher? We got that too.

Yoga for the Single Girl: Date Night is the date that you really want to go on! We start with an empowering, warming, FUN yoga class to connect you to the great love of your life—YOU.

Giddy on yoga, deep breathing, and the Single Girls’ encouragement, we step out of the studio, and out on the town!

On this date, you can be the life of the party. Or you can be a wallflower, if you want to. You can relax, knowing you’ll never say the wrong thing, or mention your ex-boyfriend a few too many times in the conversation. There are no faux-pas on Date Night. Only new friends, lots of giggles, and some practical, take-home dating advice and tips to boost your dating confidence, for good measure!

See you on Date Night!


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We are a Brooklyn-based studio that focuses on alignment, balance and community. Have a read, try one of our Practice Podcasts, or come in and say "hi" in person!
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