Yoga for the Single Girl: Ask Daniella

We’ve mentioned it before, but Daniella is holding a workshop on June 30th called “Yoga for the Single Girl”.  Today, she’s answering some questions about why Yoga, Single Girls, and why they’re perfect for each other.

The flyers are up, and they’re cute and pink and all, but what is it, really?!

It’s a Workshop for single girls only.

OK, so the real question is ‘Why’? Is this really necessary? Especially when yoga classes are mostly women anyway?

Absolutely. Single Girls get the short end of the drama stick. They’re working just as hard, and their emotions are just as intense as those of women in different stages of their lives. Except they do it on our own. Single women are their own partner, best friend, and cheerleader. Without an awesome BFF on speed dial (wait-does speed dial even exist? You know what I mean), being single can feel exhausting, unrecognized, and well, lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. With this workshop, I want to answer both calls–1) to help you be your own best friend, and help you use yoga to nourish yourself as a single girl, and 2) to introduce you to your new single girl bestie.

Granted, this is Mala, so we’re already all besties. It’s perfect, really, it’s the natural next step!

How long does it last?

2 hours. There’s a conflict in the flyer. 4-6

What level is it for?

Open to all levels. Basics are totally welcome.

What if I’m dating someone, does that count?

If you’re dating someone, this workshop is for you. If you’re NOT dating someone, this workshop is for you. But if you’re dating someone you think is “The One”, this might not for you. Totally your call.

Wait a minute, Are you single?

No. I have a Nice Boyfriend.

So then, why are you doing this?

I’ve been a Single Girl a lot longer than I haven’t. And when I was single, I wished there was a supportive place I could go, to be with people I could relate to and trust, and do the thing I felt most happy doing-yoga. Single Girls are creating mini-communities all the time, at Mala, and all over the city. They’re coming to yoga to feel nourished, protected, invigorated, and hang with their friends. So why don’t we just make it official?

Is it going to be super touchy-feely?

I don’t have a journal. Please don’t make me dig into my childhood. That’s what I have a therapist for.

I wouldn’t dare! You’re all way to smart for my poor impression of psychotherapy 101.

If you don’t have a journal, don’t worry. As long as you have a piece of paper and a pen, you’re good. Here’s the plan, I’m not going to ask you to illustrate last night’s dream in watercolor. Instead, we’re going to craft the Single Girl’s To-Do List. I know you know about To-Do Lists. The difference between this one, and every other To-Do list you’ve ever written is that this one is designed to make you feel good. No therapy involved, I promise!

Can I bring a friend?

You betcha! The whole point of this is to gather your Single Girl tribe! Single is NOT synonymous with “alone”.


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