Patty and Tenzin

Some of you may remember Patty.  She was featured as one of our Yogi’s Next to You.  Or maybe you remember her as the person who conducted Angela’s wedding ceremony.   Over here at Mala, we’re clearly huge fans. She’s also a huge fan of Tenzin:

“The thing that I keep coming back to re: TWR (Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche) is how effective his teaching is. The practices that he offers and the way he teaches them allows each of us to experience real change in our lives, often within a short period of time. I’ve now been studying with him for 7 years. The reason I continue is because I’m regularly seeing shifts in my own mind and life.

In our culture most of us don’t stay with one thing for very long because there’s so much choice available to us. And so we flit from one thing to the next because we can. But when we find something of real value–like TWR and his teachings–that offers profound change we stay with it.”

Come see for yourself! We’re really excited.

WHEN: Thursday, June 7th,
7:00pm – 8:30pm, $20
Register now with MBO!

WHERE: Mala Yoga, 162 Court Street, 2nd floor

WHAT:  Rinpoche will talk about a meditative technique known as Tsa Lung — an ancient Tibetan practice that brings together the mind and the breath, with specific body movements that clear and open one’s energetic centers. These movements can help you to connect to your inner wisdom and achieve a relaxed yet aware state of mind both on and off the meditation cushion.


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