Flow with Intention with Jen Whitney

Flow with Intention with Jen WhitneySaturday, March 31st
4:00pm – 6:00pm
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We offer lots of different kinds of workshops at Mala Yoga – breaking down poses, becoming more comfortable with inverting, emphasizing certain parts of the body during a practice.

We’re so happy to add another type to the list! This workshop is intended for students who are working with binding, inverting in the middle of the room, and towards the “full” variations of poses.  A great opportunity for those who have been practicing regularly and want to experience a complete, challenging practice, but are also familiar enough with the poses that they are able to modify when necessary.

We asked Jen a little more about what to expect when we’re flowing with intention.

What is flow yoga? Will this be really fast?

Flow yoga has a ton of interpretations, and I don’t really have a definitive one, I think it gets reinterpreted with each lineage and evolution of the teachers. Generally the focus in flow classes is on the breath and movement – making the asana a moving meditation. The flow of this class will be similar to that of my regular classes. It won’t be so fast that it feels like we “blow by” poses.  I’m a fan of a 5 count or more.

But we won’t be stopping to break down poses, or go over ways to modify them – although students are absolutely welcome to modify as they know and need. Like I’ve been saying in classes about this class – I won’t be telling you to use a block, but I’m not going to come over and kick it out of your hand if you’re using one:) (That sounds weirder in print than out loud – maybe don’t use that last part…)

And you’re welcome to take child’s pose at any time – you’re just going to have to go rogue, I probably won’t offer it.

This “advanced peak pose” sounds intriguing. Any hints?

Well, they’ll be some outer hip action involved, and some arm-balancing and inversion work.  The pose will definitely have options and some suggestions for modifications. We’ll be working towards it the whole class, so students will feel prepared and ready to move into the version of the pose that is right for them that day. No pressure! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get to have more of these sessions, and have a different peak pose each time.

I’ve never inverted in the middle of the room, but I’ve been practicing regularly for over a year. What should I do?

Come! As long as you’re comfortable at the stage of inversion you’re at, and know how to work it properly on your own, you’re good to go. Feet on the floor prep for headstand? Awesome. Dolphin work instead of pinch? Perfect. Getting your foot a 1/2 inch off the floor with baby kicks in handstand? Do it and stay with your breath. You can also see the child’s pose note in #1:)

Is there anything else I should know?

We’ll still have all the other fun components of one of my regular classes – chanting, intention, long savasana and meditation. If you’re still unsure, please email me or get in touch, I’m happy to discuss modifications or questions beforehand. Although this class is designed for the “serious” (dedicated) student, the main intention is to have a sense of playfulness and joy in the practice. If you can’t smile in a pose, something’s wrong 🙂


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