Group Run with Hot Bird Running: Saturday, March 10th

Meghan Reynolds - Hot Bird RunningYou may have seen Meghan around Mala.  She’s been practicing with us for a while.  Since we love to run and know how running and a yoga practice can supplement each other, we asked her how yoga has effected her running:

Meghan: I first started practicing yoga in 1999 after reading that yoga helps runners gain speed because of the emphasis on strength and flexibility (stretching). I was extremely type-A and decided to take a yoga class in my gym because I wasn’t seeing time improvements as quickly as I wanted. I did my typical workout – a 45 minute run followed by 20 minutes of weights – and then went into what I thought was going to be a really easy stretching class.  Holy cow, 10 seconds into Downward Facing Dog, I was exhausted. I was also hooked because my muscles felt better and I had found a space to stretch, breath, and relax.

Fast forward 13 years – I’m hitting my personal best times in my races and I’m healthy. I credit this to a combination of running and yoga. As runners, we want our muscles to perform well and efficiently. Thus, our hamstrings, quads and hips are going to be tight (tightness is what gives them power). However, there’s a delicate balance to this. We also want our muscles to be supple and  be able to react to change in directions and movements. If we are just tight, we are more prone to injury.

I’ve found that yoga classes emphasizing body alignment are the best classes for runners. All of you who attend Mala’s classes are in luck because they are some of the best that I’ve found for knowledge of alignment and how it applies to the body. So, go for a run and feel the physical benefits that a run has on your body.  Follow it up with a yoga class and you’ll want to get out there more often!

Saturday, March 10th @ 8:30am
Meet at Mala a little before 8:30 for a 3-5 mile run. Bring cash or check (made out to Hot Bird Running). You can store a bag at Mala. Bring your questions and running legs!
$15 (cash or check)

Meghan Reynolds and Jessica Green are the owners and coaches of Hot Bird Running. Meghan and Jessica are USA Track and Field certified running coaches with years of personal experience training and running races, along with multi-sport athletic competitions. They are committed to teaching a holistic approach towards running. Both lead private sessions, group workouts, and create custom training plans. 


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