No Dog Yoga with Angela Clark

No Dog Yoga

What: No Dog Yoga with Angela Clark
Every Saturday from 12:15pm – 1:30pm
Where: Mala Yoga, $18/drop-in; Class cards accepted

What is “No Dog” Yoga?

Quite literally a yoga class with no downward facing dog or upward facing dog. It’s sort of my way to say it’s a therapeutic class without using the word therapeutic – except for right now.

Eventually in life and in practice things can go awry, injuries happen, fatigue sets in or shifts happen in our practice that require us to change our perspective of how we are viewing both our body and mind. This class is designed to explore how we are processing our practice through postures done at the wall and supine, through which the body will be able to receive more feedback. When you walk into the room, I ask what brings you to this class – four out of five people will have an injury (not necessarily yoga related!)

Also, I want to show people that they can have a yoga practice without doing the well-known vinyasa if they are injured, and it’s nice for everyone to have a place to practice.

What if I want to do just one?

Do one what?! A Dog Pose? Be my guest – before the class begins 🙂

Is Down Dog bad for me?

That seems like a trick question. Done with correct alignment and intention (because if the intention is not set nothing will happen) Downward Facing Dog is a fantastic pose. It stretches the backs of the legs, tractions the spine, and builds upper body strength.

Will I ever do Down Dog again?

If your body is able, of course – but how attached are we to ‘doing’ poses? Can we get the same benefits through other postures without exacerbating any existing injuries? Sorry, did I just answer a question with a question?

Why shouldn’t I do Down Dog?

I thought we were erasing the word ‘should’ from our vocabulary? Reasons not to do down dog are existing wrist or shoulder injury that get exacerbated in that position.  Another is not having enough strength in the legs or shoulder girdle, which can create unnecessary strain.

But, as stated above, Down Dog can be a great pose. I do it everyday to help keep my back healthy, but there was a time it wasn’t possible.  I had to do a lot of negotiating with my body and figure out other ways to work my practice that got me strong again.


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