Runner’s Class with Steph Creaturo

Runner's Class with Steph CreaturoJoin Steph the second Sunday of every month at our new yoga class for runners! This is a great class to add if you’re training for a marathon, half-marathon, a triathlon, or are a recreational runner. All levels welcome.

February 12th, 2-3:05 pm
$17 – You can use your class card

For more about what to expect, we asked Steph a few questions:

How do I know if I’m a runner?

If you put on sneakers and put one foot in front of the other, then you’re a runner! (The girls at Hot Bird Running say this, so I have to give them credit. They get asked this all the time.) This can be frequently or infrequently, but as with “being a yogi” there can be an unrealistic ethos around “being a runner.” Do you go running during the week? Check. Does it make you happy? Check. Then you’re a runner.

Is it a real yoga class?

Only if you know the secret knock to get into the studio!

Um, yes, it is a “real” yoga class. Though we focus less on the “tricks” (no arm balances) and more on the “nuts & bolts” poses to keep our legs and hips stretched out, to build strength in our backs, and to open up our shoulders.

Can I come if I don’t run?

Totally. You may be inspired to run by all the running chatter! And, given how much we sit in our lives, the quad and hip stretching is good for everyone.

I run, but I’ve never done yoga before.

Totally fine. Just come. You never ran at one point as well, right? And now you do. The hardest thing to do with any yoga class is to show up.

I do yoga, but I’ve never run before.

Also totally fine. If you’re interested in running, but don’t know where to start, come to class, chat with the other students, ask us how to get started. We’ve got plenty of ways to point you in the right direction if you really want to put one foot in front of the other.


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