CrossFit + Handstands: Talking with David Osorio

David OsorioJoin coaches David and Laurel as they spend 90 minutes teaching fundamental body weight movements as they are prescribed and used in CrossFit training. The class will include a CrossFit style warm-up, Mobility section and then focus on Handstand development. Proper scaling, spotting and theory about hand balancing will be discussed so that you can come away with a better understanding about how to train, individualize and have some fun with inversions.

How does CrossFit help with yoga?

CrossFit style strength and conditioning can help compliment anyone’s Yoga practice by increasing their strength, flexibility and overall conditioning.  The most transference people would experience directly in their Yoga training would be increased upper body strength and better muscular stamina. We do lots of push-ups, pull-ups, ring training and a variety of weightlifting which can make anyone a lot stronger.  We’ve got a handful of folks who simultaneously practice Yoga and CrossFit with great success.

What is the difference between a CrossFit handstand and a regular handstand?

We’re big fans of handstands at CrossFit.  Handstand push-ups are a staple of our training as well as hand balancing and a variety of inversions with the assistance of different implements like boxes, jump stretch bands, and even other people.  What we can bring to Yogi’s interested in handstands are new and unique approaches to developing upper body strength, scaling the handstand, and novel exercises which will translate to more productive inversion training.

Will this be an hour and a half of handstands?

No! We’re going to start with some warm-ups that include basic mobility, calisthenics and then transition into some dedicated handstand practice.  At the end, we’ll conclude with a short “WOD” (Workout of the Day) to give everyone a sense of what a CrossFit workout feels like.  Everything will be scalable and appropriate for any level of fitness.

Is there weight-lifting involved?

The only weight you’ll be lifting in this seminar is your body.  Because we’ll be at MALA on location, we won’t have any of our barbells, dumbbells, sandbags or other tools. That doesn’t mean you won’t learn some great ways to get stronger!

What else should I know about this workshop?

CrossFit is all about a celebration of physical culture and pushing past your own perceived limitations.  Every class intends to be engaging both socially, physically and mentally.  If you’re nervous or think that CrossFit is too “hardcore” for you, we especially encourage you to come out and check us out. We’ve been doing this for several years and have trained everyone from senior citizens, to pregnant women to CIA and FBI employees as well as the NYPD and FDNY. Everything is scalable and we program an appropriate intensity based on where you’re starting from.  Just give it a shot!


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