And…We’re Back!

For those who may have missed it (because we’ve only been talking about it every third minute), a group of Mala yogi’s spent eight glorious days in Guatemala.  We ate delicious home-cooked food, took in beautiful sights, shopped in local markets, processed nothing and everything, and (of course) we practiced.  Thanks to Angela, Steph, and all the yogis who took the cab to the plane to the van to the boat for an incredible trip.

Here’s a quick (or maybe not-so-quick) look at some of the things we did:

Group at Meal TimeWe ate lots of really good food here.

ShoppingWe shopped.

ChangoWe made new friends.

CabsWe took local “cabs” to get places.

Guatemalan Shoe RackWe adopted a new shoe rack.

Guatemala StudioWe set up camp in our new studio.

VolcanoWe hiked a volcano.

Our ViewWe woke up to this, practiced to this, and saw this pretty much every time we turned our heads to the left.

Fire Burning CeremonyWe burned the past to make space for the future.

Anna and Gaby
We took lots of these.

Steph, Sandra, and Angela

SaraLast one. We promise.

We listened to this man sing beautiful music.  Most of which he wrote himself.

Group Photo
We smiled a lot. Like, a LOT.

Steph and AngelaBut, most of all we learned from these two.  We spent hours (specifically four and a half each day) following their directions, absorbing their knowledge, and taking advantage of their infinite patience.  They encouraged us to try new things, picked us up when we fell over trying said new things, and put us back together when we felt frustrated and broken because new things are hard.  Not sure we can ever fully communicate our love and appreciation for their time, energy, strength, and overall loveliness, but then again, we’re confident you all know exactly what we’re talking about.


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2 Responses to And…We’re Back!

  1. Anna says:

    This post made me cry while walking down Court Street! Thank you to Angela, Steph, and every single one of you who joined me in our little corner of Guatemala. It was a beautiful, challenging, unforgettable week. I am oh so grateful. xxoo

  2. Dana says:

    Welcome back! More pics and stories, please.

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