Stuck in Newark


As we attempt our second post of the morning immediately after our first one was deleted…

As we sit on the tarmac hours after our flight has been interminably delayed our spirits are up and we are still very hopeful. You would think that it’s the first snowfall of 2012 that’s keeping us grounded but it’s a “mechanical issue” and now one of our flight attendants has just timed out. We realize this is a situation out of our control but our anxieties worries about logistics as well as frustration begin to creep and cling to our minds the way ice clings to the wings of a plane. As yogis we know there is a process – in this case fixing the nose of the plane, de-icing it’s wings and now getting a replacement flight attendant.

So now we are on the midst of a process that we’re not in control of – can we take patience, acceptance and those 106 other qualities extolled in our yoga classes and put them into real-time play? And going one question further HOW do we get to a place where these qualities of patience and understanding are out first response to stressful situations?

Practice, practice, practice in all aspects of our lives.

So as half of us retreaters sit on the plane we have begun the practice part of our retreat, patiently waiting.


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One Response to Stuck in Newark

  1. sarahsaffian says:

    So how’s it going in Guatemala now that you’ve finally arrived? Send up a flare (with pics)! xo

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