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Lindsay SullivanLindsay taught a wildly successful workshop on Urban Meditation.  Maybe “learning how to meditate” was a popular New Year’s resolution this year, but it’s clear more and more people are looking for stillness in a decidedly un-still city.

For those who weren’t able to make it to her workshop, we asked Lindsay a few questions why it’s different to meditate in an urban environment and why everyone should really try meditation.

Why Urban Meditator – what’s different meditating in an urban environment versus anywhere else?

Not everyone is ready to — or even should — ditch their job and go live in a cave for a year to experience the benefits of meditation. But should the practice be excluded from them? No way. New Yorker’s are some of the smartest most capable people in the world. What would happen if we got them meditating? Urban meditation not only benefits the individual but it benefits the city as a whole. Can you imagine everyone on Wall Street meditating? Awesome! That said — getting out of the city and doing a little retreat (no smart phone!) somewhere quiet can be really helpful if not essential when the time is right.

Can you share an “a-ha” moment from Saturday’s workshop?

The biggest “a-ha” moment from Saturday’s workshop was the sheer number of people who showed up– half of whom I didn’t even know. It’s becoming clear to me that people are ready to meditate. They are ready to change and grow their minds and hearts as much as they are ready to change and grow their physical bodies. It’s exciting and humbling and I am thrilled to be able to facilitate some one’s first step on a really special path.

Share the one piece of advice that’s kept you on your meditation cushion even when you got discouraged, lazy, etc — what keeps you going on this path?

Make it important. You can’t really help people unless you are happy and whole yourself. Meditation — specifically focusing and learning to take daily perspective on one’s self — has been proven time and again to be one of the most effective ways to both wake and grow us up.

So make that list of all the people you love and you want to be your best self for. The things we want always do for ourselves, we’ll do for others. Put the list on your night stand so it’s the first the you see every morning. And then one day, your meditation won’t be a chore, it will be like coming home.

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