Monthly Mala: December 2011

Monthly Mala - December 2011

Happy holidays! It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Open House & Holiday Party. The positive energy from the smiles throughout the studio that day were a great way to kick off the holiday season!

We know as the season wears on, things can very quickly switch. Celebrating our blessings becomes the season of “too much” and “not enough.” Too many parties, not enough sleep. Too much to eat, not enough physical activity. Too many obligations, not enough time. And since we all do busy very well, this is a familiar pattern. Here are a few things we’re doing to try and stay on the mat, keep healthy, and enjoy all the bling as the holiday season jingles on:

1. Accept there’s a finite nature to our time and energy levels. There is always an abundance of time and energy, but it often requires shifts in our lives. Starting with accepting that these are limited resources helps us allocate them appropriately and without resentment.

2. Schedule your yoga asana practice. The demands the holidays place on our schedules can make it impossible to get to class. But it doesn’t make it impossible to roll out your mat! Make a date with yourself to do a podcast, dust off a DVD, or something as simple as our 2 minute OM-Works – stay aligned with your practice even if your schedule is out of whack with class times.

3. Set realistic goals! Is it weird to see “goals” from a yoga studio? Totally. But, goals are useful to provide a structure for our brains. Our intentions are a great place to start, but our goals can hold us accountable. And see points 1 & 2 to set realistic goals – one round of the Sun Salutes every day may be your practice during the holidays. It’s better to do what you can do every day than to fall totally out of alignment with your practice & its intentions. Ask your family & friends for support and to hold you accountable. Or, on a playdate, you & a friend do a few sequences together while your kids play.

Let us know what you do to stay on the mat when your calendar gets crowded! Grab us after class, visit us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

The holiday season reminds us of the joy, love, and abundant blessings that are present in our lives each and every day. We remain grateful for your practice and all that you do to make Mala a community of joy, love, and abundant blessings.

Wishing you a happy holidays from our families to yours,

Steph, Angela, & Christina


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We are a Brooklyn-based studio that focuses on alignment, balance and community. Have a read, try one of our Practice Podcasts, or come in and say "hi" in person!
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