Yoga Glossary: Vrksasana

(Tree Pose)

Benefits of the pose:

One of the first standing balances we learn.

Cultivates steadiness, poise and grounding. Teaches us how to balance sturdiness/uprightness with flexibility and movement.

Builds strength and confidence. Teaches us how to root down in order to reach up.

Strengthens foot and ankle joint. Tones muscles of legs.

Getting into the pose:

Start facing the front of your mat in tadasana (mountain pose). Place right foot along the inner left leg. As hips open, try to set foot higher on inner thigh. (Use hand to help place foot.)

Begin with hands on hips to determine hip alignment. Is pelvis tilted? Is right hip higher than left?

Allow knee to be forward of hip in order to keep front of pelvis square to front edge of mat.

Once you’re in the pose:

Activate inner seam of left leg particularly at point where foot is touching it.

Hug to midline.

Raise arms up to sky. As you reach up, press down through the standing leg and foot.

Keep gaze soft and steady at eye level. Hold for 5-8 breaths.

Come back to tadasana and move into vrksasana on the other side.


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