Thank You!

Thank you Mala community for yet another great year and holiday party! It was so wonderful to see so many people on Saturday and, as some of you said, “in pretty clothes!”

Holiday Party

Saturday evening was a treat for us. We got to be ‘on the other side’ as our very own Sarah B., Alejandro, and Andy B. spoke to the room and expressed so beautifully the gratitude they see in us and in Mala.  They stood in front of a crowd of people, both familiar and new, and spoke with ease and grace.  We were so touched and I think we see future yoga teachers at hand!

Holiday PartyAfter we said good-bye to the last bunch Stephanie, Christina and I got down on our hands and knees and cleaned! (It always amazes me how much chocolate gets stuck to the floor – where did all the chocolate come from?) But don’t get me (us) wrong, it’s all part of the fantastic evening. That’s our time to reflect with each other about how amazing this community is, and how we were fortunate enough to plant a seed on the corner of Court and Amity and watch you all sprout up; to do yoga, to meet a new friend, to share your news both good and sad, and we’ve been able to be there through it all.

Holiday PartyWe continue to be amazed at what Mala has become.  We would not be here without you, we love that the idea of this caring and compassionate community has spread beyond our little studio and so I will leave you with a quote I found online when I was doing my research on mindfulness:

“Life is the childhood of our immortality. So there is no other person like you. You, like me, are unique and it is about bringing out the best in each other.” – Ozzie Gontang

And, check out the rest of the Open House and Holiday Party photos here!

Angela, Steph, and Christina


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