Core Fundamentals with Marco Jo Clate

Core Fundamentals - Marco Jo ClateCore Fundamentals.  The Fundamentals of the Core.  Anyway you put it, this class seems awfully important.  In a yoga landscape where practitioners can appear to effortlessly float up into handstand or touch their toes with grace and ease, this class sounds like it could hold the secrets to a stronger, healthier (dare we say fancier?) asana practice.

We recently asked Marco Jo Clate what is so fundamental about the core, and why we should be fundamentally invested in our core as the core of our practice (We’re done.  We promise.)

Why is this class called Core Fundamentals?

1. the central part of a fleshy fruit, containing the seeds.
2. the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

1. serving as, or being an essential part of,  a foundation or basis; basic; underlying
2. being an original

The class is like a laboratory where we break down the physical elements of core work in a very targeted way: we spend 4-6 weeks focusing on the work of the feet and legs as they support our center, then 4-6 on the hips, abdominals, psoas, and 4-6 weeks on the shoulders, wrists and hands, while still working the body in a well-rounded class.

Since recently giving birth to my second child, I have spent the last year re-organizing and re-acquainting my own core from the feet up, so I feel passionately about sharing this specific exploration with my students. It is work that is essential for longevity: strong inner thighs, a balanced pelvis, support for a long healthy, spacious spine!

Is it all ab work? Isn’t the core just about building awesome bikini abs?  

While awesome bikini abs may likely result, this class will be an integrating experience. There will be abdominal work, but when you really look at it, the whole body works together to maintain and support a healthy core, and the whole body benefits as well. So we will work the from the arches to the fingertips, reinforcing the relationship of the limbs to the core!

What can I expect from a typical Core Fundamentals class? 

You can expect to be challenged, to hold plank pose, to squeeze blocks between your thighs, to become better acquainted with your pelvic floor, to get stronger, to exercise courage, endurance, and patience.

Who can benefit from this class?  

Anyone who want to strengthen, balance and integrate their core in and intense, focused and fun way!

A student who is working toward inversions and Chaturanga Dandasa.

Anyone who has given birth!

And yes, those who want awesome bikini abs!


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