Sticking Around for Savasana

We’ve recently been thinking a lot about why some students sneak out of class before savasana.  Do they need to get to the dry cleaners? Are they late to pick up their kids? Or do they hate those moments at the end of class that so closely resemble meditation?  Is it too much time spent in their own heads? Does savasana wind up creating the exact kind of anxiety it’s meant to alleviate?

The Huffington Post recently posted two articles about the benefits of savasana.  The first is by Rod Stryker (who we saw at this year’s Yoga Journal conference and love), and the latter likens savasana to a form of meditation. Both are interesting, informative, and help iterate the benefits of savasana.

Do you like savasana? Or, if you were The Yogi Next to You would it be the pose you would be okay with never doing again?  We’re curious.  Let us know us what you think!


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2 Responses to Sticking Around for Savasana

  1. Dana says:

    I would never skip Savasana. It’s a luxury and a treat to take 5-15 minutes of stillness for myself. I’m one of those students who is always tempted to do 90 minutes of savasana when (usually jokingly) offered as an option.

  2. anna says:

    At first closing my eyes made me anxious, like I was spinning out into crazy-land. But now savasana and I are cool, most of the time.

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