Just Show Up

by Steph Creaturo

Just Show UpA long time ago, my yoga mat edged out my running shoes. Recently, the opposite has occurred. Now I wonder am I a runner who does yoga or a yogi who runs?

I run to pulse. I run to clear off the cobwebs. It is the equivalent of shaking a Magic 8 ball for my thinking brain. I run to be in my legs in the most primal way possible.

I do yoga to connect. Yoga hones the inner muscles of awareness that pay attention to the muscles that help me run.

Running teaches me about goals. Yoga has schooled me in process. Just like eyeliner looks so much better with mascara than without, goals need process for depth and process needs goals for accountability and execution.

I do yoga so I don’t lose my shit on line to pick up my running number when people are cranky and disorganized. I run so I stop rolling my eyes when someone tells me they are not good at yoga.

I do yoga to create a compassionate conversation between my head and my heart. I run to kick myself in the ass when the conversation has stalled. I do yoga so I don’t say I’m not good enough or I’m stupid. I run create the energy around the intentions I set on the mat, so there is momentum to change.

Sometimes there is strife, there is dislike. Sometimes, one threatens to divorce the other; usually the yoga from the running. The ego instigates these conversations; it pits them against each other like Heat Miser and Snow Miser. It often takes a Mother Nature-esque heave-ho to get them back on track. And once they are, it’s unicorns and rainbows until the next thunderous breakup. But the clarity in the wake of those storms is deep to the point of clarity redefined.

Part of the coming back together is realizing there is enough time in my life, there is enough space, there is enough to get on my mat or put on my shoes. There is never enough time, how can there be? But, like brushing my teeth or drinking enough water, time on the mat, putting miles on my shoes are non-negotiables. Which means other stuff falls away. Funny, it’s nothing important. Because if I’ve seen one real housewives of bad behavior reality show, I’ve seen them all.

Yoga has taught me the importance of technique. Running has taught me to execute.

I do yoga so I can run. I run so I can do yoga. What both have drilled into my bones, first and foremost, is to just show up.


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5 Responses to Just Show Up

  1. Christine says:

    I love this for so many reasons. Thank you for sharing your wit & wisdom–you continue to teach me well beyond the studio walls. For that, I am a grateful student.

  2. Mat for Yoga says:

    Will surely recommend this site to some friends! Very interesting site and articles. Really thankful for sharing. Regards,

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