I Do Busy Very Well

by Christina Hatgis

About 20 years ago, a colleague of mine gave me a book, “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much”. That was 20 years ago, before a husband, two children, and my own business. You can imagine what’s it’s like now!

I don’t do “turning it off” very well, except, I thought on my mat or the meditation cushion.  My practice was my break from busy. The attention required to just follow my breath and  be in my body helped me “turn off” the busy.

But recently I’ve noticed that the multi-tasking I do so well – is actually alive and well on my mat.

I can work on my alignment, count my breaths, focus my attention on the pose AND make lists, plan playdates, manage schedules, write e-mails, plan classes.  The list goes on. Phew.

So I am hyper-vigilant these days – and am grateful I can always start again. Come back. Let go.

The lists, the schedules, the menus and the e-mails can be dealt with later. I can, even with the long list of responsibilities, switch the to-do’s off – and practice just being. Watching what arises, and accepting.


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