Highs and Lows: Taking care of my body

by Annie Carlin

Being a yoga student made me more aware of my body.

Being a yoga teacher has made me hyper-aware of my body.

I think it’s because I am no longer taking care of my body for me, but I’m also taking care of it for others?  I mean I know my body is mine, but having responsibilities that depend on my body being sound as well as my mind is a whole new kettle of fish for me.  Case in point, I was walking back into my apartment just now and my ankle twisted under me.

As I fell down, my first thought was not, “ow” or “shoot, there goes my smoothie” but rather “how am I going to teach tonight on a broken ankle?!”.  (Just so you know, my smoothie AND my ankle were fine.)

I’ve also had a couple of hypoglycemic attacks in the last two weeks, both times after teaching.  My nutritionist friend pointed this out to me along with orders to head to the grocery store for dark chocolate, stat!  And her advice was as usual right.  But it got me to think more about what and when I eat around my teaching times and realizing that

I had to be a lot more careful about nourishing my body, when I was spending time and physical, mental and emotional energy nourishing others.

I’m feeling extra conscious of taking care of myself as I head into two very intense yoga trainings – I’m finishing up my contact hours for my RYT-200 in San Francisco this weekend and doing a weekend intensive in a couple of weeks here in the DC area.  Being extra careful not to hurt myself seems even more important now that I have yoga students.  Especially after I spent so much time talking to my plus size yoga students, who were absolutely fantastic and even laughed at my jokes, about honoring and taking care of their bodies!

One thing I have learned over the years is to celebrate the absolute wonder that is my body – in the sense that it’s a freaking miracle that my body accepts all of the abuse I put it through and still functions and supports me through my life.  Next time you have to urge to hate your body, take a moment to think about something amazing your body did for you that day – you walked a mile, spent the afternoon in the sun or just woke up that morning.

NEWBIE chronicles the journey of a new yoga teacher.  From teacher training to building a business, follow Annie Carlin as she details the highs and lows of finding her place amidst one of the worlds oldest practices.


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