Because How Could We Not?

We realize that by now everyone has probably moved on with their lives.

Irene is back to being just a woman’s name that happens to be in a song that gets caught in one’s head very easily.  (“Good Night Irene” has been stuck in our heads for three days.  And now it’s probably stuck in yours.  Apologies all around.)

The subway is back, it’s Monday morning, you actually have to go to work, and you’re still the proud owner of 36 brand-new, never-been-used AA batteries.

But then there’s this:

Miracle, Kensington, Brooklyn, New York

Meet Miracle! (Gah! Look at that face.) Miracle was found under a car by a couple evacuating from Coney Island.  He was the first Hurricane Irene animal rescue. Apparently you can even adopt him.

Read more about it here.

And, because none of that was particularly yoga-related, Christina’s back from France! She teaches tonight at 7pm, and there’s nothing like Monday night yoga to start your week off right.


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