We’re Going to Guatemala!

Mala Yoga is going to Guatemala!We’re thrilled to announce our third annual international retreat to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala! Join us for this unique, life-changing experience to practice yoga in a stunning landscape, surrounded by volcanoes and lakes.  This retreat is suitable to students of all levels. We welcome anyone who is looking to strengthen, develop, and refine their practices.  We’ll be there January 21-29, 2012.

We’re so inspired by Robert Thurman’s teachings on retreats that we’re adopting his language. He said we need to stop calling retreats, ‘retreats’ and start calling them ‘advances.’  Anyone who has ever gone on ‘retreat’ will tell you they can be amazing, but rarely are they ever passive.  These events are powerful opportunities to shift your practice and create space for breakthroughs.

Villa SumayaWithout the day-to-day burdens of preparing meals, or finding time to practice, you can really focus on your practice, your habits, and all your rising thoughts (the nice ones, the not-so-nice ones).  They are all there saying, “pay attention to me please.” It takes courage and compassion to spend that much time with yourself.  The great thing about being part of a group ‘retreat’ or ‘advancement’ is that you are never alone on the journey.

Practice with Mala in Guatemala!Our partner for 2012 is the wonderful team at Villa Sumaya, in the heart of Guatemala’s highlands. Villa Sumaya offers opportunities to discover Lake Atitlan’s living and legendary landscape. The hotel and retreat center is seductively situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlan (at 1,500 ms/4500 ft above sea level). With an uninterrupted vista punctuated only by a skyline of three perfect volcanoes, Villa Sumaya is the ultimate destination for yogis in search of rest, reflection, and ageless natural beauty. In addition to our yoga classes, you can indulge in the spa, hike volcanoes, explore the local Mayan culture, and simply practice the fine art of nothing, staring at the water on the lake or in the pool.

Pricing & Lodging: Coming Soon!


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