Communicating with Our Loved Ones

by Christina Hatgis

Lauren was telling me about the workshop she took with the original developer of YogaKids, Marsha Wenig at the Yoga Journal Conference.  She quoted an odd and interesting statistic (which was not substantiated I must add) that the average child in this country, communicates for approximately 12.5 minutes with their parents and of those 12.5 minutes, 8.5 of them are spent shouting, shaming, demanding, punishing, etc.

Now I have no idea whether this is remotely true, but when I woke up this morning and got to interacting with my kids to get them ready for school, I paid close attention to how I was communicating with them!

How much time did I spend giving positive reinforcement and how much time the opposite? Truth is, because I was so conscious about how I was communicating, there was a lot more positive reinforcement, kindness and compassion coming from me this morning – and subsequently far less resistance from the kids to go through all the steps it takes to get out the door on time.

And how does this tie into our practice? Whether we are on the mat focusing on our breath and trying to achieve a safe and stable pose, or at home interacting with our loved ones, staying conscious about how we are showing up IS the practice. If we stay really awake, our choices on how we speak, how we act, what we do, are more likely to come from our hearts, and our inner wisdom, and not from a conditioned reaction to a given situation.
That statistic really made me think about how I am showing up to my most important relationships.


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