It’s Hard to Be a Beginner as an Adult

by Steph Creaturo

The tyranny of expectation is my new favorite phrase. Many of us start a yoga practice as adults, having never done it before. Hell, let’s not jump to having a practice — we take a class. When we show up, it’s all new — the language, how we move our body, the props — it may be a tad overwhelming, intimidating, and awkward.

It’s hard to be a beginner as an adult. For many of us, it’s an uncomfortable position to be in, to say “I don’t know” – especially, if we’re at a point in our career, our professional lives where we’ve been working towards developing an area of expertise. So, what may happen, is we start to expect that level of growth, of expertise to be present in everything that we do. The process of honing your skill sets can be forgotten, or we’re so deep in that we don’t even see it anymore.

Being a newbie requires a level of vulnerability – which is such a hard place to be. Awkwardness, insecurity, even shame can pop up. And, if we add the tyranny of expectation to the experience, it may not be all that comfortable, or enjoyable, or something we want to do again.

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